How much will my cake cost?
This is the question we are asked most frequently, but alas it is also the hardest one to answer... a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.
Our sponge/chocolate cakes range from £22, our wedding cakes start from £130... but all cakes are different, may require multiple tiers or shapes, and as our service is bespoke we need detailed information to be able to answer this question with an accurate quotation. 
Starter questions would be;
* When is the cake(s) required for?
* How many people the cake needs to feed?
* What style of cake you have in mind (buttercream/sugarpaste/naked + design/theme).
* Is there a photograph to be printed?
* Location for delivery (if required)
* If you have a budget - so we have an idea regarding design ideas.

Where are you and do you deliver?
The Cake Box is based in Worthing, West Sussex, mid way between Chichester and Brighton. 
For large cakes and wedding cakes we generally deliver. We limit the delivery distance to minimize the risk and delivery costs and to minimize the driving time so we can continue to make delicious cakes. 
If you prefer to collect the cake, please be aware that you will need to transport any cake EXTREMELY carefully.  Cakes must be placed on a flat surface (most definately NOT on the back seat), so the boot of your car is ideal.  Boxes should not be pressed on from any angle and cakes should only be held from underneath. Some cakes may include additional internal structure to help with transportation.  We will provide care information on collection, please do follow the guidence.  If you prefer delivery, please let us know.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you do decide to collect your cake, please note that The Cake Box cannot and will not be held resposible for any damage caused by or during transit. The Cake Shop's liability will be fullfilled upon collection of the cake.

How do we book and pay?
You can book your cake either in person or by telephone. You can either pay in full at the time of booking or pay a non-refundable deposit. Deposit payments are usually 25% payable at the time of booking, with the balance payable on collection.

For Wedding Cakes, the deposit is £100 non-refundable, with the balance payable 1 week before collection/delivery.

Because we are a small bespoke bakery, our capacity is limited.  If you have not secured your booking by payment of a deposit, we are unable to hold a space open for you.

Due to our shop delivery schedules, material purchasing and admin costs, all payments made are non-refundable unless agreed in writing with The Cake Box.

Do you charge more for wedding cakes?
Absolutely not. There are some costs that are specific to Wedding Cakes, i.e. site set-up, but all of our costs are based on the work and materials involved.